A bunch of DIY Wall Decor ideas

Your walls are not just brick and paint… they are what you look at hundreds and thousands and maybe millions of times. Imagine just entering your home after a stressful day, and looking at walls that welcomed you, lifted your mood, and took your mind off the mundane problems of life! Well, here are a bunch of ideas that can transform bare walls and fill corners of the home with little bits of beauty… and the best part? You don’t need to spend lots on art or wallpaper… especially if you are in a rented space, you don’t want to invest in major renovations; just some garnishing, if you will.

How about some butterflies resting in unexpected corners, or a flock of birds flying around that paining on your wall? Our paper butterflies, dragonflies and birds are ridiculously easy to use, and work much like stickers; except, they are 3D! They come with little sticky foam squares that do the trick in seconds. How easy is it to put them on your walls? As easy it is to put a sticker. Our lovely customers have surprised and delighted us time and again with all the lovely ways they have used these goodies. Sharing some photos below, for a glimpse.

Not only walls, but on mirrors, frames, windows, furniture, shelves and gifts… these birds, butterflies and dragonflies add as much beauty as a little fresh green coriander sprinkled on a yummy dish. Check out the link below for more goodies to decorate your home with… and don’t forget to send us some photos of what you did with them! We would so love to see! 🙂