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A DIY Eco-Friendly Space-Saving Christmas Tree

We were searching and searching for an eco-friendly non-plastic Christmas Tree… we combed the colourful Bandra shops glittering with Christmas decor, only to find them full of plastic things. Last year, faced with a similar dilemma, after a long search we bought a real Juniper plant, and made miniature clay ornaments to decorate it; but sadly the Juniper couldn’t survive the Mumbai weather.¬† So this year, we used our own paper decorations… DIY Christmas Ornaments […]

An easy DIY Eco-friendly Christmas Wreath for your home

Come December, and the holiday spirit surreptitiously¬†seeps into the skin… you start humming Christmas carols without realising it, and even here in hot tropical Mumbai, giant snowflakes become a common sight! It doesn’t matter if you are a Church-goer or not… Christmas is to the year, what Sunday is to a long work week… especially this crazy year, 2021.¬† One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the ‘decking the halls’ bit! It’s a time […]

Why ‘making’ and paper craft is for everyone!

A few years ago, the Victoria & Albert Museum had curated an exhibit called ‘The Power of Making’. It really expresses what Sky Goodies believes in, so we quote from one of their curators below: About Making.Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems, express ideas and shape our world. When you are absorbed in making, things happen that you didn’t plan. The experience can be intuitive, like sport, and it can be […]