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A DIY Eco-Friendly Space-Saving Christmas Tree

We were searching and searching for an eco-friendly non-plastic Christmas Tree… we combed the colourful Bandra shops glittering with Christmas decor, only to find them full of plastic things. Last year, faced with a similar dilemma, after a long search we bought a real Juniper plant, and made miniature clay ornaments to decorate it; but sadly the Juniper couldn’t survive the Mumbai weather.  So this year, we used our own paper decorations… DIY Christmas Ornaments […]

An easy DIY Eco-friendly Christmas Wreath for your home

Come December, and the holiday spirit surreptitiously seeps into the skin… you start humming Christmas carols without realising it, and even here in hot tropical Mumbai, giant snowflakes become a common sight! It doesn’t matter if you are a Church-goer or not… Christmas is to the year, what Sunday is to a long work week… especially this crazy year, 2021.  One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the ‘decking the halls’ bit! It’s a time […]

The joy of making Miniature Books

Making and binding tiny mini books, is one of our favourite things to do. 🙂 Many a time, when I get too stressed out, or have too many thoughts in my head, I do this. Sometimes by myself, sometimes with my 11-year-old daughter. I always emerge an hour and a couple of mini-books later, with a much calmer mind, a smile on my face and gloriously grubby hands from which Fevicol can be removed layer by layer […]